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We are G&M Enterprise and we have been creating opportunities for multiple talent here in Richmond Virginia since 2001. This year, we have launched our virtual platform that will cater to a global market. Our philosophy is to build a universal enterprise that will introduce a wide variety of undiscovered talents to the world. G&M Records was the first G&M Enterprise derivative and spin off venture. In future, G&M Enterprise is looking forward to growing into a global conglomerate.

Meet the Founder of G&M Enterprise Gazelle Williams

Gazelle Williams has a passion for everything she encounters, whether it’s writing and performing original musical compositions, working as a high-level business executive or helping others through charity. This passion resonates in everything she does, allowing her to develop a natural gift for production, promotion, marketing, and speaking. As the founder of G&M Records, she led the company to its first product sale in Australia and coordinated multiple internships with seven colleges and universities within Virginia. At the same time, she coordinated over 1000 live performances with artists from numerous states.  While leading G&M Records, the Governor honored Ms. Williams for her vast achievements, community leadership, character, and dedication as a Woman in Business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Now, with the creation of G&M Enterprises, she has taken her talents to a new level to help those in various creative endeavors reach their full potential.

Over the years, Ms. Williams gained valuable business experience working in numerous Fortune 500 corporations. As a Senior Manager and Director, she managed over 5000 employees in multiple industries such as CBN, Comcast, Verizon, Capital One, QVC, American Express and within State and Federal Government. Her extensive corporate experience has provided her with expertise in all aspects of business operation.  She is a seasoned motivational and keynote speaker and the author of an international blog titled Gazellism at Thought Provoking | Gazellism

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